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Luster Entertainment isn’t just a record label, we are family. Took a look at some of our family photos and feel the “LOVE”.


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July 4th, 2021 (90’s party)

Two of the best local artists in Knoxville, TN

It’s a family thing!

It’s a family thing!

It’s a family thing!

It’s a family thing! Go and purchase a Luster Entertainment logo T-shirt.

Luster Entertainment Logo T-shirt

He bought him one, make sure you purchase you one.

It’s a family thing!

Skill Clinton’s Cover for his song Ain’t Gonna Do.

Get It On Jones is TOO LIT!!!

This is a banging song. Go check it out.

Late night work in the studio

Get It On Jones and my nephew taking a smoke break.

COVID is no joke. Make sure you wear your mask.

Get It On Jones


My daughter’s wedding.

Check out the shirt again? Go grab you one.

In the studio working.

1990’s throwback

1990’s throwback!

Two beautiful sisters.

It’s a family thing!

MC doing her thing at 90’s party.